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Brantley Gilbert at Fresno's Save Mart Center

by Office staff on 03/13/20

Country singer Brantley Gilbert announced his plans for the first part of 2020 –a 34-city tour that includes a stop at Fresno’s Save Mart Center.

Gilbert is slated to perform at the arena March 27 during the West Coast swing of his “Fire’t Up” tour. Tickets for the show run $40.25-$70.25, with general admission on the floor (Gilbert is known as a bit of a rock guy). Sales start at 10 a.m. Sept. 13 at the arena box office or online at

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Madera Wine Trail Tours

by Office staff on 03/11/20


On the Madera California Wine Trail, south of Yosemite, you’ll tour local family-owned wineries in one of the state’s most famous growing regions. Their incredible wine weekends offer not only wine tasting and delicious snacks, but live music, food pairings and local art.


From Yosemite, you can reach the Madera California wineries by taking Wawona Road out of the park, heading south on California Highway 41. The first winery is in Oakhurst, and here you can pick up a brochure on the trail and pay for your wine pass.

Idle Hour Winery
41139 Highway 41
Oakhurst, CA 93644


Madera Wine Trail California stretches along Highway 41 and turns north on California Highway 99. The time it takes to travel this route varies depending on the number of wineries you visit along the way. The trail is approximately 51 miles long from beginning to end.


November is probably the best time to visit, with events typically being held on weekends.


Madera Wineries offer a tour passport on sale in advance for as little as $20.


Visiting these wineries allows the visitor to enjoy varied wine tasting experiences, as well as buying chosen favorites, trying special food delicacies and on special occasions, relaxing to live music or being entertained by incredible works of local art.

  • Idle Hour Winery
    This winery in Oakhurst will be the first one you come to as you drive south from Yosemite. On the Fresno River, you’ll enjoy this quaint inn with winebar.
  • Westbrook Wine Farm
    The Fait Accompli is their flagship wine, but you’ll also enjoy the Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Birdstone Winery
    Sit back on the patio and enjoy the wine and friendly folks you’ll meet. This family winery, like the others mentioned here, participate in the Wine and Chocolate Weekend in February.
  • Chateau Lasgoity
    This small winery in Madera produces some premium wines. They have been in operation since 1903.
  • Quady Winery
    Ever wanted to know the perfect cigar to go with that special wine? Here you’ll find out! Enjoy the Muscat wines - Essensia, Electra and Deviation and more.
  • Mariposa Wine Company
    Madera Wine Company offers plenty of good wine, good food and good friends. They also sponsor an annual grape stomp with barbeque lunch and wine.

Whether you choose to visit one or all wineries along this trail it's always a good idea to use a trusted car/bus wine tour company like VIP transportation.


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by Office staff on 03/05/20

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Tower Theater Fresno CA | VIP Transportation

by Office staff on 02/19/20

Did you know that the Tower Theater opened its doors in 1939?  It was known then as the Century Fox Movie House.  This 1940’s style art deco theater boasts a 761-seat movie theater that sits in the heart of the Fresno Tower District.  Since its build it has been the epicenter of this nostalgic part of Fresno.  In 1992 the theater was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Theater shows a full gamete of fun entertainment and plays host to many great events.  You can find Jazz Bands, Speakers, Art shows, independent films and festivals. 

The Rogue Festival is hosted here every year in March and showcases independent style talents.  You can find everything your indie heart desires here.  Fun rock bands, cool films and art stories.  It is a celebration of the indie culture that lasts for 7 jam packed days.

The Tower Theater also is the home of “the Lounge”.  A private room with a full bar and banquet area that can cater to any small event you are looking to throw.  This room is great for a VIP section to treat yourself and friends or colleagues to after taking them out to a show. 

If you find yourself near the Theater, we highly recommend checking out show times and planning a visit.  You will not regret it. 

While you are in  the area be sure to check out the local shops and restaurants.  There truly is no place like the Tower District in Fresno CA.  

And of course if you ever need a ride think of us. 

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Building a Limousine | Vip Transportation Fresno

by Office staff on 01/28/20

Building a Limousine

Do you love riding in limousines?  Have you ever wondered how they are made?  We looked into the process of building one of these luxurious sedans.   The engineering and work that goes into this process blows us away, as well as the time taken for safety.      

In only 21 days this company will strip, cut and assemble a brand-new stretched limousine.  They start by stripping the interior out of the car.  Then they remove the drive shaft and cut the car in half using circular saws.  Once the car is split into to two, they actually place the two halves the exact amount apart as in the total length of the car will be.  For ultimate safety they install steel rails to extend the frame between the two parts of the car.  Both on the roof and the floorboard.  After welding these pieces together, they insert a galvanized steel plate as the floor of the car.  They will then install the interior.  The bar and the lights as well as leather sofa style seating is put into place on top of the new carpet.  Next, they put on the side panel, also made of steel.  Once welded, bonded and sanded flush they match the original paint and begin to spray three coats.  Eventually it is time to install the safety glass windows.  Once the interior of the guest cabin is complete it is time to install the technology.  A TV or monitor, state of the art sound system  and stereo is installed along with the control box that houses all electronic necessities to run the fancy tech part of the limousine.  Once the limo has been completely finished it is rigorously tested and eventually approved for operational use.  The Limo is then delivered to your favorite Limousine service just like yours truly.  Want to see it in action?  Check out this video from business insider that shows the whole process.  You will most likely find it as amazing as we do.  

Business Insiders building a limousine

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