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Building a Limousine | Vip Transportation Fresno

by Office staff on 01/28/20

Building a Limousine

Do you love riding in limousines?  Have you ever wondered how they are made?  We looked into the process of building one of these luxurious sedans.   The engineering and work that goes into this process blows us away, as well as the time taken for safety.      

In only 21 days this company will strip, cut and assemble a brand-new stretched limousine.  They start by stripping the interior out of the car.  Then they remove the drive shaft and cut the car in half using circular saws.  Once the car is split into to two, they actually place the two halves the exact amount apart as in the total length of the car will be.  For ultimate safety they install steel rails to extend the frame between the two parts of the car.  Both on the roof and the floorboard.  After welding these pieces together, they insert a galvanized steel plate as the floor of the car.  They will then install the interior.  The bar and the lights as well as leather sofa style seating is put into place on top of the new carpet.  Next, they put on the side panel, also made of steel.  Once welded, bonded and sanded flush they match the original paint and begin to spray three coats.  Eventually it is time to install the safety glass windows.  Once the interior of the guest cabin is complete it is time to install the technology.  A TV or monitor, state of the art sound system  and stereo is installed along with the control box that houses all electronic necessities to run the fancy tech part of the limousine.  Once the limo has been completely finished it is rigorously tested and eventually approved for operational use.  The Limo is then delivered to your favorite Limousine service just like yours truly.  Want to see it in action?  Check out this video from business insider that shows the whole process.  You will most likely find it as amazing as we do.  

Business Insiders building a limousine

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